Leadership development

Our leadership development program is based among other things on our wide experience in this field and were we have for example developed a model that is designed to help leaders to achieve their core goals and produce outstanding results. To achieve this we put an emphasis on:

  • Increasing trust and communication skills
  • Building organisational capability
  • The essence of Humanresource practise

We have work with many top leaders and managers to identify their key strengths and weaknesses, helping them to tackle their goals in the best way. The result is a efficient leadership/management abilities that focused on achieving the right goals in the right way.

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Coaching for development

The objective is to learn more about yourself and others and to understand the importance of managing the coaching relationship - as well as how your personal preferences affect. In the coaching program each participant learns to examine their own coaching style and abilities and build new skills.

  • Increase your understanding of others' personalities and learning styles to enable you to better coach them.
  • Learn how to adapt your coaching style to individual styles and circumstances.

Leading teams for impact

To be an effective leader means that you have to have the ability to lead a team towards a common goal and create a vision. To be a leader and have the impact to lead successful teams is among the biggest challenges in business to day. Leaders must create three things to build effective teams: collaboration, trust and accountability. Furthermore, to:

  • Demonstrate commitment to team success and how pressures and work responsibilities affects teams.
  • Build trust, shared responsibility and conflict resolution.
  • Influence others within the organization to achieve greater results.